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Transforming lives through smart healthcare solutions.


Bringing healthcare to everyone in the community at the touch of a mobile App. Bringing their personal, family health information and even targeted health advice to their fingertips. Ensure the best possible care at all times.

Doctors and Hospitals

Allowing doctors and hospitals to reach out across the community to those patients who previously had no access to healthcare services using telemedicine.

Helping get doctors to get the best outcomes using advanced Artificial Intelligence for decision support personalized and geotargeting eCoaching and eLearning.

National Outcomes

Revolutionise the use of facilities across a health care system, across a nation without worrying about internal issues and implementation problems.

Our Story

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

  • Before the WWW

    Humble Origins

    Before there was HTML and a Web our team members have developed systems to leverage the power and data on the early internet exploring and mining information sources to help doctors understand deep causes of disease and suffering.

  • Massive Scale Prediction

    Rise of the AIs

    With over over 60 years combined experience in working on predictive systems which have anticipated the needs and requirements of literally tens of millions of individual people over dozens of countries and saved thousands of millions of euros for clients.

  • Mid 2010s

    Perfect Implementation

    Over the years team has worked in the world's leading institutions and health care systems.

    They implemented dozens of major systems across the world. In 2017 Edinburgh University approach the founder to create a system to use AI to learn best actions and optimum stratergies from patient data in the NHS trust databases. From there the idea grew.

  • 2018 onwards

    The Revolution Begins

    Using the latest cutting edge technology combined with many years of experience a family of AIs were concieved under the name Athena (who as you'll remember spran forth fully grown and in armour from the King of Gods Head). Telemedicine through smart phone Apps was added in 2019 as a way of capturing the data needed to train the AI and ensure quality record keeping and data even in environments where record keeping was not a tradition. The telemedicine app also closed the loop by allowing the delivery of clinical decision support and physcion education just where it was needed and when through the app.

    Instead of amateurish zoom or Skype with the doctor acting as receiptionist and telephonist, the telemedicine system handles triage, allows one click calling and queue management and allows one or more practice receptionists, located anywhere a practice wishes to take the patients details and control which doctor is connected depending on demand, specialization,availability etc.

    Predictive Artificial Intelligence learns from the doctor notes, symptoms, diagnoses and prescriptions and advises to get the best outcomes in the future. Optionally blockchain allows validation and verification of every step.

Our team

Because people matter.

Dr Mark R Baker


Dr Saqib Mukhtar


Dr Nicolas Smoll MD

Medical Officer

Alkesh Acharya

Blockchain Architect

Dr Tito Rodriguez Bouza

Medical Researcher. Blockchain Expert

Professor Wayne Luk

Technology Advisor

Prof Simon Choi

Legal Counsel

David Yue

Financial & Business Advisor

Jungki Claudio OH

Regional President Korea

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